Anti Poverty Movement Loses a Longtime Champion: Ruth Tadasco

Ruth Tadasko Anti- Poverty Champion


From Our Friends and Colleagues of the Global Women’s Strike:

The grassroots women’s movement suffered a great loss with the recent death of our dear colleague and friend Ruth Todasco. Many will remember her ready smile, easy laugh and gritty determination.

Ruth Althea Omega Taylor Todasco was a decades-long member of the Wages for Housework Campaign and the Global Women’s Strike. She lobbied at the UN, in DC and around the world for recognition and payment for mothers and other unwaged caregivers. She fought for children unjustly taken from their families by child welfare. She founded “No Bad Women Just Bad Laws” to support prostitute women’s right to protection from rape and other violence. She stood with Black women in South Central LA demanding an end to serial murders. She opposed war. She loved language and edited a women’s dictionary entitled The New Women’s Dictionary: Sharpening the Mother Tongue. She did the quiet, hard, day-to-day work that keeps movements going. She inspired young activists.

She did all this and more with the support of her husband Alex and while raising a son. She was a loving wife, mother, grandma, aunt, sister, and friend. Ruth contributed to our lives, our understanding and our struggles, with her consistent work, insights, humor, graciousness and hatred of injustice.

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