Big Decisions on Anti Hunger Funding , End of May 2021

Important State Budget Decisions to be Made on Anti-Hunger Programs Over the Weekend---Call or Email Today

1-Let's Make CalFresh Easier for Seniors and People with Disabilities

While SB 107 (Wiener) awaits a vote on the Senate Floor, we have a crucial opportunity to pass the policy through the state budget. State leaders will make final budget decisions over the next few weeks. They need to hear from you that the state should create a shorter, simpler application and ensure all forms can be completed over the phone without extra red tape.

Now is the time to make CalFresh work better for everyone — especially seniors and people with disabilities who face additional barriers. We shouldn't make it hard for people who've fallen on hard times to get help getting basic food assistance.

2-Food4All Action Alert: Key Leaders Need to Hear from You

Now is the time to make your voice heard. State Legislative leaders and the Governor are making final decisions about which proposals will be funded in the 2021-22 state budget. We need to ensure Food4All is one of the top priorities.

Food4All would end the unjust immigrant exclusion in CalFresh by expanding eligibility in the California Food Assistance Program (CFAP) to all immigrants who can't participate in CalFresh solely due to their immigration status. Learn more on the Food4All Campaign Page.

3-Ask for $20 Million for California Nutrition Incentive Program

The Governor included $15 million but we need to boost it up to $20 million for this program, which helps low income folks purchase more fresh California grown fruits and vegetables at 300 farmers markets and helps our state's farm economy while fighting hunger.

State legislators need to hear more about the broad support for the CNIP program, so on Thursday, May 27 and Thursday, June 3, we will act together to raise key decision makers’ awareness of the Market Match program over social media and the support needed from the California State legislature to #FundCNIP. We hope you will join us! Tag elected officials and your partner organizations to let them know how California farmers and families benefit from CNIP. Everything you need to do this is in the linked social media toolkit.





Thank you so much for raising the visibility of CNIP/Market Match with elected officials.

(Apologies for any cross posting.)


HOW TO MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD   Call/Email Key Decision Makers

Call or send your own email

Direct calls and emails make a difference! Contact these key decision makers to let them know you want to ensure funding for CalFresh simplification, Food 4 All, and CNIP is included in the state budget. You can also find your Representative here and share the same message below.

  1. Governor Gavin Newsom
    (916) 445-2841
  2. Senate President pro Tempore Toni Atkins
    (916) 651-4039
  3. Speaker of the Assembly, Anthony Rendon
    (916) 319-2063
  4. Senator Nancy Skinner, Chair, Senate Budget Committee
    (916) 651-4009
  5. Assemblymember Phil Ting, Chair, Assembly Budget Committee (916) 319-2019

Sample Script for CalFresh Simplification:
Hello, My name is _____ from _____ (either location or organization) and I am CALLING/WRITING to urge _____ (Member Name) to support a simplified CalFresh application for seniors and people with disabilities in the final state budget package. I also support making sure that all CalFresh forms can be completed over the phone. Thank you. 

Sample Script for Food 4 All: 
Hello, My name is _____ from _____ (either location or organization) and I am CALLING/WRITING to urge _____ (Member Name) to support Food4All in the final state budget package. Food4All would expand eligibility in the California Food Assistance Program to all those who need critical food assistance, regardless of their immigration status. 

[OPTIONAL: SHARE YOUR STORY in one or two sentences.]

California needs to end the unjust exclusion of immigrants from CalFresh, our most effective anti-hunger program. Thank you for considering this important issue.


More: See these links for more details including Social Media Toolkits:


Food4All Budget call to action

CalFresh Simplification Budget call to action

Thank you for your support and advocacy!

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