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Hunger Action LA will have a special meeting tomorrow at:

California Partnership
In the CHIRLA Building
2533 W 3rd St.---NOTE: this is the correct address---
we provided the wrong address last Friday
LA 90057
Thursday March 26
10 am
Please rsvp: [email protected] (213) 388-8228

At this meeting, we’ll be watching the live stream of the budget hearings on SSI. This will be one of the few chances to assemble Southern California residents to express the need to lift SSI recipients out of poverty. Our colleagues from up North, particularly the Bay Area, have been able to send busloads of 50 people to the hearings at the state Capitol. Even though we have half the state’s SSI participants in Southern California, the time and cost of flights to Sacramento have kept us from being adequately represented.

We had also pushed for a video conference in to the committee, which would have been a historic first for the state Capitol. While we were not able to achieve that in time for this coming Thursday, the Legislature is researching it for the future. For the first time in the 21st century, we’ve made it clear that poor people with disabilities have a hard time if not altogether impossible affording and arranging flights and navigating airport terminals and shuttles to get to the Capitol. Our state government should use the available technology to allow more civic participation by the millions of residents whose lives are impacted by decisions made in the halls of the Capitol, but who do not have the wherewithal to get there in person.

Please Sign the CA4SSI Petition: Over 1,500 people have signed the CA4SSI (Californians for SSI) petition calling for SSI/SSP benefits for seniors and people with disabilities to be raised above the poverty line. But we need YOU to sign on to make it powerful!

Support Letters Needed Now! Easy to Do and Very Helpful

Senator Liu Introduces Right to Rest Act, SB 608

Last week Senator Carol Liu (D-La Cañada-Flintridge) introduced legislation to end the alarming trend of cities passing laws that criminalize homeless people just for not having a place to stay. The “Right to Rest Act” would protect the rights of homeless people to move freely, rest, eat and pray in public space and to occupy a legally parked vehicle.

The bill will be heard in the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee on April 7. In the meantime if you haven’t yet sent in a letter of support to the Senator, please do! Information and a sample letter can be found at:

California Nutrition Incentives Act Introduced

Assemblymember Phil Ting from the Bay Area has introduced AB 1321—California Nutrition Incentives Act. This bill would establish a state fund of $5 million to attract an equal amount of federal funding from the Farm Bill, to use as incentives for low income people to obtain more fresh fruits and vegetables. Currently in California about two dozen organizations operate “Market Match” programs which provide bonus dollars for people spending CalFresh at farmers’ markets. About 150 markets around the state have been operating these programs, with nearly all the actual bonus dollars coming from private fundraising. Hunger Action LA locally operates Market Match at 17 area farmers markets with funding from sources including First 5 LA and the Archstone Foundation, and Flora Foundation. In addition to CalFresh users, WIC and SSI recipients are also served at the HALA-run Market Match programs.

AB 1321 would allow the State to pony up some resources to match federal amounts now provided throught the Farm Bill, as the result of the nationwide popularity of programs similar to Market Match. This would bring in substantially more than what private fundraising has done, and it will be a four way win-win---reducing hunger, encouraging healthy eating, boosting the small farm economy (especially important during the drought), and helping sustainable organic farming survive. In addition to farmers markets, the state bill could provide funds for matching programs at small corner store operations, many of which are being converted to offer more fresh produce through the efforts of community grassroots leaders and nonprofit organizations.

Download and Sign and Send in Support Letter Here:

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