Senior Market Match Fundraiser

Greetings Friends,

Help Hunger Action LA raise $5,000 and bring Fresh Foods to our seniors with's Crowd-Fundraising platform. SSI recipients are not eligible for CalFresh so seniors with diabetes and other conditions are struggling to eat a proper diet. Our program helps seniors get the diet they need while supporting our local organic farmers.

How it works

We provide seniors on SSI with an additional $5 each time they spend $5 at any participating farmers markets in Los Angeles County. The Market Match program also gives seniors a chance to socialize in the fresh air and relaxed atmosphere of the farmer's markets serving LA County from Pomona to Long Beach to South LA to the Valley to East LA and other areas.

  • Support our Market Match program at our Give65 page at

  • Find more info on Hunger Action LA's Market Match program here

  • Find addresses, maps, and hours of operations for markets offering Market Match here




Four Great Reasons to Donate

  1. Hunger Action LA’s Market Match is helping low-income seniors at 24 farmers markets access fresh fruits and vegetables. This program is helping 3,500 seniors improve their diets by affording farm fresh produce grown in California using environmentally sustainable methods.

  2. Many of the seniors we serve receive SSI as their only source of income. They are below the federal poverty level and are not allowed to get CalFresh (food stamps) in California due to outdated rules. Market Match helps them get the food they need!

  3. Many of the seniors have diet-related conditions and have been told by their doctors that they need to eat more fruits and vegetables. Through Market Match, we can help them eat healthily and support our California small farmers as well!

  4. Hunger Action LA needs your help to keep this great program going and improve it in the future with home-delivery options and locating ongoing sources of funding.


Our senior customers say: 

"You can't get it this fresh anywhere else!"…"With the vouchers, it helps me get more things for a little less money."

On behalf of them, we thank you for being part of creating a delicious solution!

You can find our Give65 page at

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