Last Call for Nutrition Incentives!

Hello friends:

The proposal to put $2.5 million in the budget for Nutrition Incentives is in its final moments of debate!

Nutrition incentives funding would involve the state providing $2.5 million that would draw down an additional $2.5 million from the federal government . That’s a total of $5 million that we could use in the state of California to fund programs like Market Match, that create incentives for low income people to be able to afford fresh fruits and vegetables.

Everybody wins---California’s farmers struggling with the drought: low income people who receive CalFresh, struggling to make ends meet: and our health system, with one more tool to use against diabetes and obesity.

Please call them today---leave a message if you need to , since of course it’s Sunday. Or---call them Monday but call as early as you can.

The legislators will be trying to conclude a budget Monday or Tuesday, for final negotiations with the Governor, to create a complete state budget by the June 15 deadline.

Make these 4 phone calls to these legislators, using the script below:

  • Senator Kevin de León, Pro Tem (SD 24) 916 651-4024
  • Assemblymember Toni Atkins, Speaker (AD 78) 916 319-2078
  • Senator Mark Leno, Senate Budget Committee, Chair (SD 11) 916 651-4011
  • Assemblymember Shirley Weber, Vice Chair, (AD 79) 916 319-2079

and the script...

“Hi, my name is (______) and I live in/work at (______).

I’m calling to let Assemblymember/Senator (______) know that I support the Nutrition Incentives Matching Grant Program budget proposal for $2.5 million this budget year.

This is the program that doubles the value of CalFresh and other benefits when people spend it on healthy fruits and veggies. We have one in LA called Market Match. The incentives can be given at Farmers Markets, Corner Grocery Stores, Pop Up Markets and Farm Stands.

The money would also be matched by the federal government, so really the $2.5 million will result in $5 million that can be used for these programs.

This program and this money will help low income families eat healthier food and it helps our farmers too. And they are struggling through this drought.

There’s already been research done that shows this has been a good program so far in California.

Please ask the Budget Conference Committee to keep this item in the budget. It is an item listed under California Department of Food and Agriculture.

This money will help low income people and farmers, and it’s going to bring federal money also into the state. Thank you for your time.”

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