Legislature Passes Boost to SSI! Call the Governor Today!

916 445 2841

The state legislature yesterday unanimously voted to give a $10 per month benefit increase for individuals on SSI and 4-2 to restore the COLA by the year 2020. We need to urge the Governor to accept this. He's going to respond to this budget rapidly, so please call him TODAY (Wednesday, June 10th) ask him to support SSI.

Call 916 445 2841 and say:

My name is _________and I am calling to ask Governor Brown to support the state legislature's SSI budget language. Please help over a million California seniors and people with disabilities to avoid hunger!

When you call, you're first asked whether to continue in English or Spanish. Then you'll be asked whether you want some prerecorded information or would like to speak to a representative. You want to speak to a representative. You might be put on hold before you get a chance to speak.

PLEASE urge other people to make the call. Forward on your social media.

What happened Yesterday:

The Conference Committee consists of a select group of Assembly-members and State Senators who meet to decide on what they will spend money on together.

After coming to an agreement about what they would like to spend money on, they give this list to the California State Governor.

On June 9, 2015, the Conference Committee included a $10 a month State Supplemental Payment (SSP) – the money that the state of California government includes in the SSI grant – increase and a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) restoration in their budget list for Governor Jerry Brown.

If Governor Brown agrees to spend money on increasing the SSP and restoring the SSI COLA, the grant increase will take place in 2016, while the COLA restoration will begin by 2020. This is the first step in a long-term battle to bring SSI recipients out of poverty. Please call Governor Jerry Brown and ask that he adds the SSP increase as well as the COLA restoration in the final budget.

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