March 9 2021 Legislation Update

Food Justice News March 9, 2021

1 . California: An Opportunity in 2021 For Strong Anti-Hunger Policies

2.  Hunger Action LA Needs Volunteer Drivers


1 . California: An Opportunity in 2021 For Strong Anti-Hunger Policies

The state budget and legislative season is in full swing. Advocates have coalesced around a group of proposals to expand anti-hunger assistance to children, seniors, and immigrants, especially those who have been risking their lives by performing essential services used by all of us, yet are not eligible for many benefits such as CalFresh (California’s SNAP program.) Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be calling on the public to support these proposals, which will help many people suffering in our state .

Already, a key demand has been won by the advocates. In January, the Governor  proposed a $600 stimulus payment for those who receive California’s Earned Income Credit benefit (Cal EITC.) Over the following 6 weeks, the anti-hunger community called for that payment to be extended also to SSI recipients, who are all below the poverty level. SSI recipients were key participants in the campaign, sharing their life stories with legislators, resulting in a victory---they will be included in the Golden State Stimulus.

You can be part of the fight to win better anti-hunger policy! Join us for Hunger Action Week in May (10th through 14th) when we will conduct virtual legislative visits to encourage our Assemblymembers and Senators to pass some powerful proposals.  Contact [email protected] if you want to participate!

Here’s a summary of the proposed legislation:


Support Food as a Human Right

  • SB 108 (Hurtado) - Every human being has the right to access sufficient healthy food. This bill would require the state to take that fact into consideration anytime that legislative or administrative changes are made to food programs so that they are structured to serve the broadest possible population.

Support Programs That Help Farmers And Low Income Consumers

Food bank veggies

Boxes of veggies behind the gate at LA Regional Food Bank. The Farm to Family program ships about 50 truckloads per week to food banks around the state


  • SB 240 (Eggman) Farm to Family Tax Credit - Support farmers and reduce waste by extending the 15% tax credit , which expires December 2021, for California grown fruits, vegetables, proteins, and pantry essentials. These are farm goods that are supplied to food banks.


 Mkt Match vouchers

  • Budget Request for $20 million for the California Nutrition Incentives Program (CNIP), which provides funding for the popular Market Match program at 250 farmers markets in California. Market Match provides bonus dollars for CalFresh participants to obtain more fruits and vegetables and provided 15 million servings of produce last year. Participation shot up 50% last year during the pandemic. Find markets near you that offer the program at


Immigrant Food Access

  • AB 221 (Santiago) - Provide Emergency Food Benefits for immigrants adversely affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic and left out of state and federal relief. Many of these immigrants are risking infection daily by providing essential services.
  • SB 464: The Food for All Campaign - Create an equitable nutrition assistance program by providing permanent nutrition benefits for those ineligible for CalFresh solely due to immigration status. This is a goal that will be accomplished in several stages.

Older Adults

  • SB 107 (Wiener): CalFresh—Simpler for Seniors - Simplify the CalFresh application for older adults and people with disabilities. Make it easier to complete the application and other forms by phone.
  • Master Plan for Aging (MPA) - Fully fund and implement Initiatives in MPA under Goal 5 “Affordable Aging” & Strategy C “Protection from Poverty & Hunger.”

School-Age Kids

  • Invest in School Meals for All - Make targeted State investments that allow all students to access meals free of charge in schools where federal rules would otherwise make such programs unachievable or unsustainable.

Kids Age 0-5 & Child Care

  • Food with Care - Increase state funding for providers to compensate for the increased cost of food and foodservice during the pandemic and during the recovery.

For more information on any of these bills and proposals, contact [email protected]


2.  Hunger Action LA Needs Volunteer Drivers

Contact us at [email protected] if you have some time to volunteer. We need:

*Delivery drivers to take food or meal bags to disabled, blind or senior households under pandemic lockdown. We collect food at 1:30 pm on Wednesday and deliveries go to South LA, Long Beach, San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley, Inglewood, Compton,  and Harbor Gateway cities. You can volunteer for 2 to 5 deliveries (or more.) Contact [email protected] for further details.

Join the over 100 who have volunteered with us so far since the pandemic and thank you very much!


Volunteer Bonnie loading up her car with food bags for homebound seniors


Hunger Action LA

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