Food & Justice News April 13, 2020

Food & Justice News Apr 13, 2020

Many thanks to our colleagues at various levels of government and advocacy who provided these crucial updates we’re passing along to you:

  1. How SSI Recipients And Others Who Don’t File Taxes Can Get The Stimulus
  2. LA County Begins Free Grocery Delivery Service
  3. WIC Expands Temporarily To Additional Foods
  4. CalFresh Boosted for March and April Benefits

How SSI Recipients And Others Who Don’t File Taxes Can Get The Stimulus

For those who get SSI (and only get SSI, not combined with another social security benefit) OR: who made under $12,000 in 2019, or for any other reason are not planning on filing a tax return, you can still get the stimulus payment.


From the webpage:

Who Can Receive the Economic Impact Payment?

Eligible U.S. citizens or permanent residents who:

  • Had gross income that did not exceed $12,200 ($24,400 for married couples) for 2019
  • Were not otherwise required to file a federal income tax return for 2019, and didn't plan to

You can provide the necessary information to the IRS easily and quickly for no fee through Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info. We will use this information to determine your eligibility and payment amount and send you an Economic Impact Payment. After providing this information you won’t need to take any additional action.

Information You will Need to Provide

  • Full name, current mailing address and an email address
  • Date of birth and valid Social Security number
  • Bank account number, type and routing number, if you have one
  • Identity Protection Personal Identification Number (IP PIN) you received from the IRS earlier this year, if you have one
  • Driver’s license or state-issued ID, if you have one
  • For each qualifying child: name, Social Security number or Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number and their relationship to you or your spouse

What to Expect

Clicking “Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here” above will take you from the IRS site to Free File Fillable Forms, a certified IRS partner. This site is safe and secure.

Follow these steps in order to provide your information:

  • Create an account by providing your email address and phone number; and establishing a user ID and password.
  • You will be directed to a screen where you will input your filing status (Single or Married filing jointly) and personal information.
  • Note: Make sure you have a valid Social Security number for you (and your spouse if you were married at the end of 2019) unless you are filing “Married Filing Jointly” with a 2019 member of the military. Make sure you have a valid Social Security number or Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number for each dependent you want to claim for the Economic Impact Payment.
  • Check the “box” if someone can claim you as a dependent or your spouse as a dependent.
  • Complete your bank information (otherwise we will send you a check).
  • You will be directed to another screen where you will enter personal information to verify yourself. Simply follow the instructions. You will need your driver’s license (or state-issued ID) information. If you don’t have one, leave it blank.

You will receive an e-mail from Customer Service at Free File Fillable Forms that either acknowledges you have successfully submitted your information, or that tells you there is a problem and how to correct it.


Free File Fillable forms will use the information to automatically complete a Form 1040 and transmit it to the IRS to compute and send you a payment.


Here’s the link where you can start entering your information to get the stimulus:

LA County Begins Free Grocery Delivery Service

From the office of Supervisor Hilda Solis: “On Wednesday, April 8, 2020, WDACS (Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services) launched the Critical Delivery Service Program, which will deliver food and other vital necessities to older adults, dependent adults, and individuals with disabilities who are unable to leave their homes due to COVID-19.   All items for delivery must be paid in advance through the store’s/market’s website. 


This delivery service is free anywhere in Los Angeles County, 7 days a week.  Scheduling can be done in advance (from 2 weeks up to 24 hours), on a one-time or reoccurring basis. In some situations, same day deliveries can be scheduled. Individuals can utilize this service up to 4 times per month.


To request delivery services, individuals can call (888) 863-7411 (Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm) or email [email protected]


Please remember:


  • Orders must be prepaid and ready to pick up---meaning they don’t shop for you. You have to order from the store and have it ready to go before you call the delivery service
  • Delivery is not immediate---you are calling to schedule the delivery, which in some cases can be same day
  • Other items besides food can be delivered



"Other items besides food can be delivered "

WIC Expands Temporarily To Additional Foods

From Public Health Foundation Enterprises WIC/Heluna Health:  Responding rapidly to a federal authorization, the California WIC Program is expanding the WIC-Authorized Product List to allow WIC participants to have a wider selection of WIC authorized foods, some of which have been found to be in short supply. WIC participants will start seeing expanded food options available starting April 7, 2020, with the expansions currently approved through May 31, 2020. WIC participants can find the expanded list of foods in the California WIC App, as well as on the California Department of Public Health website:


How to Find Authorized Products

In addition to the authorized foods listed in the current WIC Shopping Guide, participants should expect to be able to buy new foods in the guidelines. A copy of the document is available upon request.


CalFresh Boosted for March and April Benefits

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the state of California utilized federal waiver authority to increase monthly CalFresh benefits to the maximum amount per household size, regardless of participant’s income, for the months of March and April (to be issued in the months of April and May.)


Active CalFresh households will receive two emergency payments automatically issued directly to their EBT card in the months of April and May 2020.  Households will have their CalFresh benefits increased to the maximum benefit amount for their household size. The March increase will be issued on April 12, 2020; and the April benefit will be issued on May 10, 2020.


California is also working to allow CalFresh benefits to be used online. Up until now families with CalFresh couldn’t get groceries delivered if they were using a CalFresh card, requiring them to go out shopping even while we are being encouraged to stay home more so than other families. The implementation will likely not take place until sometime in May, and probably just for one or two stores at first.


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