Call Your Assemblymember and Senator Now: NO CUTS TO SSI

Food Justice News May 29, 2020:


Call Your Assemblymember and Senator Now: NO CUTS TO SSI


The coronavirus pandemic has created a huge state budget deficit in California. In Governor Newsom’s May budget revise, he proposed cutting the State Supplemental Payment to SSI, which supports 1.3 million blind, senior and disabled Californians, as part of a set of “trigger cuts” that would be enacted if the state doesn’t get more pandemic related support from the federal government.

The state Senate earlier this week released their own list of trigger cuts, which did not include SSP. They recognized that cutting this benefit would only make the problem of homelessness worse and increase misery & hardship for the population that includes the most vulnerable to Covid infection.



Tell your Assemblymember, Do Not Cut SSI in the state budget.

Tell Your Senator: THANK YOU for not cutting SSI in your proposed budget and please hold the line on that cut.


Find out who your state assemblymember and senator are at this link:   


  • 3 million senior, blind or disabled Californians rely on SSI .
  • The payment is $943 per month (a little higher for certain people), which is below 100% of the poverty level.
  • $783 of the payment is “SSI” (Supplemental Security Income) from the federal government: $160 is the “SSP” from the state of California (State Supplemental Payment). Most people just know the term “SSI” and to keep it simple, this is enough for our state legislators.
  • SSI recipients only became eligible to get CalFresh food assistance about one year ago.
  • With only $943 a month many live on the verge of eviction.
  • Because SSI recipients have to spend all their money to survive, SSI actually is a stimulus to the economy; one estimate shows that $10 million of SSI in California provides a $15 million boost to the economy.
  • SSI also allows many people to live independently; they would otherwise be in skilled nursing homes which are costly to the state and are also threatened with budget cuts.
  • Cutting SSI would create homelessness, hunger, inability to afford transportation or co pays on medication, and misery for the most vulnerable people in the state.

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