Food & Justice News Sep 11, 2019

Food & Justice News September 11th, 2019

  1. Trump Administration Double Attack on Immigrants and SNAP:
  2. Congress Members Introduce Bills To Fight Student Hunger, And Strengthen SSI Program
  3. HALA Dinner and Awards Sept 26!
  4. Many Of L.A.’S Sidewalks Would Be Off-Limits For Homeless People To Sleep If Plan Passes: LA Times
  5. Join United Farmworkers to Protect Domestic And Immigrant Workers
  6. Womens Empowerment Summit October 4—Free Invitation

Trump Administration Double Attack on Immigrants and SNAP:

a) Public Charge proposal will be implemented October 15th unless lawsuit stops it:

Legal immigrants who use public benefits — such as Medicaid, food stamps or housing assistance — could have a tougher time obtaining a green card or ultimately U.S. citizenship under a policy change announced in August that is at the center of the Trump administration’s effort to reduce immigration. The new ruling on “Public Charge” is scheduled to take effect October 15.  The Western Center on Law and Poverty, other organizations, and 19 states are suing and the opening arguments in the case will be heard on October 2

Visit the Protecting Immigrant Families Campaign website for fact sheets, community flyers, and more public charge details: 

b) Trump Administration Proposes Cuts in SNAP Food Assistance: Public Comment Period of 60 Days Ends September 23rd

The Trump administration, in addition to the Public Charge rule which would punish immigrants who lawfully receive benefits by withholding legal permanent residency, also wants to cut food stamps (SNAP) off from 3 million people by getting rid of a rule that lets some people with kids get the benefit even if their income is over the usual limit (But still UNDER 185% of poverty, which is still pretty broke, especially in LA with housing costs and child care.) Eliminating this proposed rule might also end school meals for half a million kids in the US, through enrollment procedures that connect SNAP enrollment to school meals.

Trump’s US Department of Agriculture is submitting this proposed rule change, but we can OPPOSE it for until September 23 by submitting comments by email. Comments can be submitted at the federal regulations website, but Food Research and Action Center has created a more user friendly form through which comments can be sent and relayed to the federal government. Use the form at this link to submit a comment opposing a proposal to amend a SNAP categorical eligibility rule:

Written comments must be received on or before September 23rd, 2019 to be assured of consideration.
Here is a link to the proposed change: Proposed SNAP Rule July 2019

For example, here in California it’s estimated by Western Center on Law and Poverty that 120,000 Californians who are below 200% of the poverty level, most of them working families, could have benefits cut off.  Worse, because of other rules that allow children to be directly enrolled into free school meals if their families are getting SNAP through Categorical Eligibility, 170,000 kids may lose those meals.


Congress Members Introduce Bills To Fight Student Hunger, And Strengthen SSI Program

While the Trump White House is trying to find ways to reduce public assistance to the poor, at least two Congressional representatives (one from here in L.A.) are introducing measures to strengthen federal aid programs.


Congressman Raul Grijalva is planning to reintroduce the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Restoration Act originally submitted in 2017, in the 116th Congress tomorrow (September 11.) This bill restores the original intent of the SSI program (protecting seniors and people with disabilities from the harms of poverty) by updating earned and unearned income disregard rules, raising the asset limit, and modernizing a number of financial eligibility rules.

Link to the act:

Representative Jimmy Gomez, of the 34thCongressional district here in Los Angeles, is introducing the “Enhance Access to SNAP Act of 2019.”

From a summary of the bill:

“The Enhance Access to SNAP (EATS) Act of 2019builds upon efforts in California and across the country to document and address the harm of the growing crisis of hunger on college campuses.  the SNAP student rule makes it difficult for low-income students to secure this essential nutrition assistance and for program administrators to follow. The complicated nature of this rule was documented in a recent report issued by the General Accountability Office (GAO).[i]


[1]GAO Report issued January 9, 2019:

More information will be relayed as we receive it…

HALA Dinner and Awards Ceremony Sept 26th

Hunger Action Los Angeles'
Dinner & Awards Ceremony 2019

We will honor advocates fighting poverty all over the county, make new friends and see old friends.
If you've been to any HALA events, you know we do it like no one else.

Buy a ticket (or two) and come have a great time with us! Ticket info follows…


LA, CA 90029
(Parking at Joh Rei Fellowship, 3068 San Marino St, Los Angeles, CA 90006)


QUESTIONS regarding the event email? Contact: [email protected]


Elena Popp
Eviction Defense Network

Roberta Tinajero
Kaiser Permanente

Marina Acosta
LA Care

Chelsea Moon

Desiree Vera



Kaiser Permanente

The California Endowment

California Community Foundation

American Heart Association

L.A. Care

Providence Little Company of Mary



Tickets are $85.00 per person before September 15 and $100.00 after Sept 15

Proceeds will go towards the support of HALA's signature programs,
including Market Match, The Peoples Guide, and Hunger Action Day.

Tickets are available on our Facebook event page:

or you can purchase them directly from Eventbrite:

Please Note! Parking is at the Joh Rei Fellowship only a couple blocks away at 3068 San Marino St.
—Shuttle to dinner available


Many Of L.A.’S Sidewalks Would Be Off-Limits For Homeless People To Sleep If Plan Passes: LA Times

Authors: Emily Alpert Reyes, Matt Stiles and Ryan Menezes


Excerpts: “Under existing rules in Los Angeles, homeless people who bed down on the streets for the night are supposed to stay away from doorways and driveways. Now a plan under consideration at City Hall could make it harder to find a spot by imposing rules that would bar people from resting on streets and sidewalks in at least 26% of the city, a Times analysis has found.”

“Those restrictions would come on top of existing rules that put other areas of L.A. off limits at night. For example, homeless people are already supposed to clear out of many parks, which cover an additional 15% of the city. The plan, unveiled at a committee meeting last month by Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, would rewrite L.A.'s existing rules about sidewalk sleeping, which have long been at the center of bitter court battles over public property as homeless encampments overtake city sidewalks.”

The plan has already stirred up vehement opposition. Councilman Mike Bonin said the proposed rules would give “a middle finger to the court, false promises to neighbors and a kick in the head to people who are homeless.” And he argued that “it is certain the court will throw this out, likely with further and tighter restrictions on the city.”

“These banishment zones push people into areas that are farther away from services, farther away from the types of things that people need to survive,” said Shayla Myers, senior attorney with the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles.

“Under the proposal, L.A. would bar people from sleeping, lying or sitting on streets and sidewalks in a list of prohibited areas. They could not sleep within 500 feet of a school, park, day care or any recently opened facility that serves homeless people — a provision that appears to be aimed at easing neighborhood opposition to new shelters and housing.”

Complete article at:


Join United Farmworkers to Protect Domestic And Immigrant Workers

From America’s Voice and United Farmworkers:

Last month, the Trump Administration proposed harmful changes to the agricultural guest worker program known as “H-2A.”The H2A program allows immigrant workers to temporarily enter the U.S. to perform seasonal agricultural jobs.

The proposed changes would make it easier to deny jobs to U.S. domestic farm workers so employers can hire more temporary field laborers and pay them less. It would also depress pay and reduce existing protections for both domestic and temporary workers. And it would lead to housing abuses, by allowing employers to avoid annual inspections of housing for farmworkers. 

You can help stop these changes from being implemented. Submit a public comment here to oppose this proposal.

Take Action TODAY! Submit your public comment.

The Trump administration may claim they’re protecting American workers, but in reality, they are freezing them out of jobs. We cannot let these changes happen.

Click here to send the United Farm Workers Foundation your comments so they can submit them en masse to the U.S. Department of Labor and save you the difficulty of navigating through the government website.

Thank you for your support Juana Esquivel


Womens Empowerment Summit October 4—Free Invitation

 (Thanks to Laura Barrera at Golden State Opportunity)

Join  Golden State Opportunity (GSO) for their 2nd Annual Women’s Economic Empowerment Summit slated for Friday, October 4, 2019. Event is free of cost and breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Set to take place at the United Way of Greater Los Angeles from 8:30am - 1:30pm, this half-day Summit is intended to build on last year’s insights to address improvements in the well-being of families and individuals by linking them to tax credits and public benefits programs. The conversation will seek to engage stakeholders to lead and expand ongoing efforts to bridge public agencies, nonprofits, and elected officials to help improve uptake in benefits for all Angelenos.

Here is the link to register, please also forward to your staff in hopes that they will also attend.

We appreciate your consideration of our request and kindly ask that you RSVP no later than September 15th, 2019.


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