News Update: April 21st, 2015

---Hunger Action LA mourns the recent passing of Ruth Todasco, an activist of many years and mentor to many activists here, especially involved in the Global Women’s Strike. See the featured post on our homepage

Events and News. Events first:

And Now the News:

April 22: Renter’s Day LA

Solutions proposed by a diverse coalition of housing advocates include a Quality Repairs Ordinance: a City limit on evictions for demolitions & conversions, which further reduce the amount of rental property available: ending unaffordable & unfair rent increases: and creating funding for new, affordable housing.

Rally, Press Conference & Hearing at City Hall
When:Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Where:8:30am City Hall South Lawn, 1st Street & Main
More information: [email protected]

April 22: LA Food Policy Council

Spotlight on LA Food Policy Council’s nationally regarded Good Food Purchasing Policy adopted in 2012 by the City of Los Angeles and LA Unified School District. Space is limited, RSVP now!

When: Wednesday, April 22, 2015, 1:30 - 5:00 pm
Where: The California Endowment in Downtown LA
1000 N. Alameda St., Los Angeles, CA 90012
If you have questions about accessibility, please email Anisha at [email protected]

Anti-Poverty Training, Hunger Action LA & Community Health Councils, Friday April 24 6 pm-8 pm

Learn about this year’s initiatives on the state and local level that if passed, could significantly reduce hunger for over 1.5 million Californians, including the campaign to raise SSI, the Nutrition Incentives Act, and the Right to Rest Act.
Co-Sponsored by Community Health Councils.

When: Friday April 24, 6 to 8 PM
Where: Community Health Councils, 3731 Stocker St. LA CA 90008
RSVP to [email protected]
Free---Light Meal Served

Eastside Earth Day with Proyecto Jardin, Sunday April 26

Join us for a special opportunity to give back!

WHO: You and other incredible volunteers
WHAT: Eastside Earth Day
WHEN: Sunday, April 26 from 8am - 3pm
WHERE: Proyecto Jardin, 1718 Bridge St. Los Angeles, 90033
WHY: To make an impact as we renovate the garden for a sustainable community food system
HOW: Help turn spoil into soil and combat the drought with composting and irrigation projects

Thank you for your support. It's because of generous people like you, that we're able to educate and empower the community to fight for food justice. Help us "beet the system" this Earth Day.
We look forward to seeing you in the garden.

Brought to you with support from the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council
Proyecto Jardin is the Good Food Champion Awardee
Council District 14

LCHC (Latino Coalition for a Healthy California):
AB 1357 Soda Tax and Latino Health Advocacy Day, Tuesday April 28

LCHC is proud to co-sponsor AB 1357, the Children and Family Health Promotion Program. It’s a preventive measure to reverse the current diabetes prevalence rates that are cutting our children and families' lives short.

AB 1357 (Bloom): Children and Family Health Promotion Program
This bill would require a 2-cents-per-ounce fee on sugary drinks, which would allow the state to invest in communities that are disproportionately impacted by type 2 diabetes by establishing the Children and Family Health Promotion Program.

Download a sample letter of support for AB 1357 here. Send your letter to Rebecca DeLaRosa by email or fax: 916 448-3248

We also hope you'll join us for our Latino Health Advocacy Day where you'll have the opportunity to advocate for this and other measures (including AB 1321, the California Nutrition Incentives Act) directly to your legislator in Sacramento on April 28, 2015. We'll be busing folks up from across the state for this important day and hope to see you there. >Please RSVP to reserve your spot

And Now Some News:

LA Has Highest Food Insecurity In the Nation

According to Feeding America’s data, 12 percent of the food insecure people in Los Angeles are living above the poverty line. This Huffington Post article outlines some of the solutions being pursued, including the Breakfast in the Classroom program and Market Match:

LA Has Highest Food Insecurity In Nation

The War on the Poor is an American Tradition Now

While in March, the Republican Congress proposed a budget that would cut SNAP spending by 34% over 10 years and potentially kick 11 million people off of food assistance, the chairs of the Republican-led Ag Committees have recently held hearings in which they heard testimony about the effectiveness of the program. Throughout the entire recession, even the reddest of red states helped as many people as possible enroll in SNAP, to bolster the faltering economy.
GOP Split Personality on Food Stamps

Missouri seafood steak ban

Missouri Republicans have authored a bill that would forbid people using food stamps from buying steak or seafood. The only purpose would be to humiliate poor people and support the myth that people on food stamps don’t really need them. While this is a state measure, on the national scale this is one of many strategies to keep our eyes off of things like the $2 trillion unaccounted for in the Iraq war :
>Missouri Steak and Seafood Ban for Food Stamps?
Forbes' Response to Missouri Food Stamp Steak and Seafood Ban

Care2 Petition food stamps

Urge your US Representative and Senators to reject brutal cuts to food assistance for millions of low-income Americans:
Petition to Protect SNAP

Not a Late April Fool’s Joke: Celebrities and Wealthy People Start To Notice Poverty

The links below may help restore your faith in human nature, or at least give you something to talk about:

Gwyneth Paltrow Fails Food Stamp Challenge

George Lucas To Build Affordable Housing

Bon Jovi Opening Facility for Food Stamps, Health Care and Job Training

CEO Takes 90% Pay Cut To Give All His Workers A Big Raise

Drought : Tell Nestle Stop Taking Precious Water Out of Our State

Demand Nestle stop bottling water:
California is facing a drought of historic proportions and while individuals are being forced to reduce their water usage, Nestlé is bottling the scarce resource straight from the heart of California’s drought and selling it for profit.Nestlé -- who extracts water from CA for its Arrowhead and Pure Life brands -- is bottling from at least a dozen natural springs throughout California, including from some of the most drought-stricken areas of the state.

Nestlé has repeatedly ignored requests from local residents and activists to halt its irresponsible bottling operations, so now it’s time for state water regulators to step in!With a recent report showing that California only has enough water to last the state one more year, we must put an end to this madness at Nestlé before it’s too late. Join us!

SIGN THE PETITION to tell the California Water Resources Control Board and Nestlé Executives:

Fighting Food Waste: Ugly Food Movement and “Just Eat It” Documentary

Join the Ugly Food Movement
The overarching objective of the ugly food movement is to reduce food waste, by selling to consumers those fruit and vegetables that would normally be either rejected by supermarket buyers or dumped by farmers. One third of all the food produced in the world is never consumed:

Just Eat It: Show on Food Waste Premiers April 22 on MSNBC

MSNBC website: “Filmmakers and food lovers Jen and Grant dive into the issue of waste from farm, through retail, all the way to the back of their own fridge. After catching a glimpse of the billions of dollars of good food that is tossed each year in North America, they pledge to quit grocery shopping cold turkey and survive only on foods that would otherwise be thrown away”. While the Ugly Food Movement says one third of all the food produced in the world isn’t consumed, the figure cited for the U.S. is 40%!

Just Eat It: Documentary on Food Waste

Homeless Rights: Millions Spent on Law Enforcement Targeting People Just for Being Homeless

(Gail Holland of LA Times wrote most of articles referenced here)

A report showing that more than half the $100 million the city of Los Angeles spends each year on homelessness goes to police demonstrates that the city is focused on enforcement rather than getting people off the streets, homeless advocates said Friday. "Supports what we've been saying for years that this city is doing almost nothing to advance housing solutions but continues down the expensive and inhumane process of criminalization that only makes the problem worse," said Becky Dennison of Los Angeles Community Action Network

Most Money Spent to End Homelessness in LA Goes to Police

In spite of the information that LA spends more money law-enforcing homeless people than providing housing, the Los Angeles City Council is considering reinstating a ban on homeless people living in their cars and RVs.A federal appeals court last year struck down the city's existing ban as unconstitutionally vague. LA Times: “ In a March 26 report, City Atty. Mike Feuer proposed a new ordinance with a tighter definition of living in a vehicle that he said would pass court muster.”

LA Wants New Ordinance To Keep You From Sleeping In Your Car Even If You Have No Choice

“Venice homeless advocates early Sunday defied the city's overnight beach curfew, sipping coffee and star-gazing well past the midnight cutoff….But they failed to draw the attention of police
A pair of Los Angeles police SUVs lumbered down the shoreline and a law enforcement helicopter flew overhead, but police did not confront several dozen protesters gathered around a portable telescope on a concrete spit leading from the Rose Avenue parking lot to the water….John Raphling, a Venice criminal defense attorney who oversees a volunteer legal clinic that assists homeless people who have been ticketed, said lawyers are seeing a steady stream of curfew citations. “

"Sitting on the sidewalk, curfew violations; tickets just for being homeless," Raphling said.

Organizers Challenge Double Standard Enforcement of Venice Beach Curfew

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