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August 7, 2017: Welcome to the new Food Justice News list serve. We’ve made a couple of changes and added a lot of you on to the list. If you like getting this info, let us know: if you don’t just ask nicely to be removed from the list.

  1. Defending SNAP : Petitions Now, and Training on Protecting Anti Poverty Programs, Thursday September 13,  6 pm-7:30 pm @ Hunger Action LA
  2. August 17: Californians for SSI Statewide Meeting  Food Policy Council
  3. Building the New Good Food for All Agenda, August 17
  4. August 19: Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice in District 30, With Senator Holly Mitchell
  5. Give 65 Campaign Continues! Help LA Seniors Get Market Match
  6. MAZON: This Is Hunger Tour Comes to LA Beginning Aug 16
  7. Stop U.S. Funding of War-Caused Famine in Yemen
  8. PickPockets of Hunger: Housing Issues –Evictions and Rent Increases in LA Drive Homelessness and Hunger
  9. More PickPockets of Hunger – Immigration Issues
  10. Big Hunger: Untangling Corporate Interests from Anti-Hunger Advocacy

1. Defending SNAP : Petitions Now, and Training on Protecting Anti Poverty Programs, Thursday September 13,  6 pm-7:30 pm @ Hunger Action LA

The U.S. House of Representatives will soon be working on their budget resolution, affecting almost every anti-poverty program you can think of, in the upcoming weeks. In addition, the House has already begun hearings on the Farm Bill, which is due next year and authorizes SNAP as well as billions of dollars in farm subsidies. Through both of these processes there will likely be proposals detrimental to SNAP and of course to other programs helping low income people ranging from SSI to housing to earned income credit and other attacks on health care.

We’re attaching links here to two petitions, one for organizations and the other for individuals. These petitions are related specifically to protecting the SNAP program (CalFresh here in California). Many of you have already signed for your organization, and there’s no need to sign again. Otherwise, please sign your organization or yourself on to this petition.

Here are the links:

Organizations Sign Here to Defend SNAP

Individuals Sign Petition to Defend SNAP

And, by no means are we going to limit our advocacy to SNAP. We all lose when we become divided by our constituencies, whether health care, housing, immigration, food benefits, the rights of people in re-entry. In that spirit Hunger Action LA is sponsoring a training in which you can learn 1) what’s going on and 2) help us plan what to do about it!

Protecting Anti Poverty Programs

Thursday September 13

6 pm to 7:30 pm

Light meal provided

St. Mary’s Church, Parish Hall

961 S Mariposa (Enter on Normandie) LA CA 90006

RSVP: [email protected]

All are welcome. Free.


Thank you all for the work you do in the community!

More on the farm bill: From Politico: “Legislation introduced by Rep. Jim Costa (D-Calif.) would increase funding for employment and training programs for people who receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits. SNAP E&T programs are an oft-forgotten element of SNAP, but creation of a major E&T pilot program to test how best to get people back to work ended up being key to passing the 2014 farm bill. Costa's bill would create a longterm competitive grant program for states starting in fiscal 2019 with $300 million, a discretionary spending level that would go up to $600 million by fiscal 2027.”

"For years I have been following how pairing education and training programs with the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program has transformed people's lives in the San Joaquin Valley, and we have seen the success of programs that focus on helping individuals find longterm employment and start real careers," Costa said.


2. August 17: Californians for SSI Statewide Meeting


Fighting to improve the quality of life for (and together with) California’s 1.3 million SSI recipients---aged and disabled persons living under 90% of poverty level

August 17 10 am-3 pm

Please join us at our planned upcoming August 17 annual meeting in Sacramento, Oakland and Los Angeles to review our work over the past year, and decide on goals, strategies, and tactics for the coming year. Plan on $15 per person for lunch, to be paid at the meeting, or you can bring lunch or plan on one of the many restaurants around the meeting locations.

• Sign up at

CA4SSI Statewide Meet Up

By August 8th, to ensure that lunch is ordered for everyone.

• For more information about the upcoming meeting, contact Jared McCreary at: [email protected], or 951-809-6598

Big Thanks to Disability Rights CA for hosting this important meeting!

August 17th, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

350 South Bixel Street, Suite 290 Los Angeles CA 90017

1831 K Street Sacramento, CA 95811

1330 Broadway, Suite 500 Oakland, CA 94612


3. Food Policy Council Building the New Good Food for All Agenda, August 17

From LA Food Policy Council: How can we ensure that every Angeleno has access to good food - food that is healthy, fair, sustainable and affordable? Join the LA Food Policy Council on Thursday August 17th for the 2017 Working Group Summit, #FoodFutures: Building the New Good Food for All Agenda. Weigh in on what's next for food policy in Los Angeles and learn about the ways in which our Good Food movement can better center equity at every level of transformational change in our food system.

At the summit, we'll review the latest updates of the Good Food for All Agenda, a blueprint for policy makers to help steward decisions around food policy in Los Angeles that reflects the priorities of the Good Food Movement.

Thursday August 17, 1 to 5 pm: Location: The California Endowment, 1000 Alameda St. LA CA 90012. Register here:

Food Futures: Building the New Good Food for All Agenda


4. August 19: Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice in District 30, With Senator Holly Mitchell

Saturday August 19
11 AM to 2 PM
Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center-Gym
3916 S. Western Ave., LA CA 90062

Learn about ways to support and grow healthy communities with Senator Holly Mitchell and community partners, including Social Justice Learning Institute, Community Services Unlimited, Latino Coalition for a Healthy California, the LA Food Policy Council, and the American Heart Association. As Social Justice Learning Institute describe : “ the food and beverage landscape of South Los Angeles is bombarded with sugary drinks and high-calorie, low-nutrient foods, while access to public green spaces is extremely limited compared to areas on the West Side.

The Community Town Hall will offer opportunities for attendees to learn about what Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice looks like; from highlighting resources and programs that currently exist to exploring potential legislative measures.  “.

Panel discussions, Cooking Demo, and community resources. Food and refreshments beginning at 10:30 am. Childcare and Spanish/English translation provided.


5. Give 65 Campaign Continues! Help LA Seniors Get Market Match

Hunger Action LA’s campaign with Give 65 to help LA seniors access healthy food continues! Please see the site and donate for Senior Market Match:

Support Senior Market Match


6. MAZON: This Is Hunger Tour Comes to LA Beginning Aug 16

This Is Hunger will be in Los Angeles beginning August 16 and free tickets are available NOW!

You do not want to miss this extraordinary audio-visual experience, brought to you in a big rig. Get your tickets today to discover what the real face of hunger looks like in America and take immediate action on behalf of the 42.2 million Americans who struggle with hunger every day.

This August, in anticipation of Women's Equality Day, we ask: why does hunger disproportionately impact women? Join us for a special companion event on August 18, This Is Women's Hunger: A Conversation, hosted by MAZON and National Council of Jewish Women|Los Angeles.

Join us on the journey and FIND TICKETS HERE.


7. Stop U.S. Funding of War-Caused Famine in Yemen

Much of the hunger on a world scale is related to war---people trying to survive in conflict zones where they are being deliberately kept from food supplies. Many aren’t aware that the US is helping to fund one of those catastrophes: the ongoing vicious campaign by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates against their perceived enemies in Yemen.  Please follow the linked article to the end to learn how to pressure the Senate, and hopefully the Trump administration, to follow suit:

It is a pretty sick irony that the White House not only wants to cut foreign aid, but is spending billions to create hunger.


8. PickPockets of Hunger: Housing Issues –Evictions and Rent Increases in LA Drive Homelessness and Hunger

Hunger is not as much the problem as it is the symptom of other problems---what we are calling “pickpockets” because they divert money from household food budgets to other pressing concerns, causing people to not have enough money and to choose quick, convenient foods that are less healthy on a chronic basis, leading to disease, poverty and misery.

In that light here are two updates on housing issues that will have a dire impact on hunger in Los Angeles:

From Coalition for Economic Survival: The City of Los Angeles saw 638 more Ellis Act Eviction application filed by landlords and developers for the second quarter of 2017, April through June. The Ellis Act, a state law passed in 1985, which undermines local rent control laws, provides landlords the ability to evict tenants in order to remove housing units from the rental market.

This brings the first half 2017 total of RSO units lost in the City of LA to 932.

 The Coalition for Economic Survival (CES), in conjunction with the San Francisco-based Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, is releasing a web-based interaction map, showing where 22,132 rent stabilized affordable units have been destroyed in the City of Los Angeles from 2001 through June 30, 2017  due to the Ellis Act. The map can be accessed by going to .


5% rent hike in Los Angeles County would push 2,000 more residents into homelessness, a study of the effect of rising housing costs warns. (Gale Holland, LA Times):

The study was conducted by the real estate firm Zillow (a very well known and respected real estate app) using census figures and homeless counts for the 25 largest U.S. metropolitan areas. Lending urgency to its findings, Zillow has forecast a 4.5% rent increase in Los Angeles for the coming year.

“If Greater Los Angeles isn’t able to add housing, the pressure is going to continue to build,” Zillow senior economist Skylar Olsen said in an interview…..More than a quarter of Los Angeles residents spend more than 30% of their income on housing, the agency said. While the median rent, adjusted for inflation, jumped 28% from 2000 to 2014, renter income declined 8%, it reported


9. More PickPockets of Hunger---Immigration Issues

When people can’t legally work, it strangles their options and causes hunger, as well as stress, depression and other symptoms co-occurent with hunger. Organizations are currently working to defend DACA, Deferred Action for Child Arrivals, also known as the “Dream Act”, protecting those who came as undocumented children with their parents.  The LA Times printed a strong op-ed urging the city of LA to expedite the legalization of ,street vending---a powerful economic tool for many immigrants that’s fully legal in many major cities, but somehow not yet totally implemented here.

LA Times Op Ed: Why is it taking so long for L.A. to legalize street vending? “In February, the City Council voted unanimously to decriminalize street vending. The decision means city inspectors or police can issue citations and levy fines for peddling goods on the sidewalk, but sellers won’t face criminal charges that could lead to deportation for vendors in the country illegally — a longstanding concern that became urgent with the election of President Trump……Yet nearly six months later, we’re still waiting for an ordinance to legalize street vending and set practical, enforceable rules to guide the industry.”

Read the full Op Ed here


10. Big Hunger : Untangling Corporate Interests from Anti-Hunger Advocacy

For those of you who missed the excellent panels with longtime food security activist and author Andy Fisher and his new book “Big Hunger: The Unholy Alliance between Corporate America and Anti-Hunger Groups", here's the link of an interview of Andrew by KPFK’s Sonali Kolhatkar on  'Rising Up With Sonali’:

In Big Hunger, Andy “argues that many key anti-hunger advocates are missing an essential element of the problem: economic inequality driven by low wages. His research finds that efforts to end hunger, reduce obesity, and reform farm subsidies are compromised by corporate interests. “ The panels featured a lot of back and forth and divergent views, all the more evidence Andy is opening up a conversation that’s long overdue in 21st century America.

Tons more resources, get a discount on the book,  or sign up for Andy’s newsletter:

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