News Update: February 18th 2015

Hunger Action LA Meeting Feb 27: Updates on SSI Campaign,Food Waste, Upcoming Hunger Action Day

The next Hunger Action LA meeting will be:
Friday Feb. 27th
10 am to 12 noon
Location: CHIRLA, 2533 West 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90057 map

*Look for signs at building for room location 3rd st. Between Rampart and Alvarado. Free parking in back of building. Turn on Carondolet St. to get to back of bldg.

We’re pleased to have our special guests from LA Food Policy Council Esther Park and Anisha Hingorani who will update us on campaigns in the city around Food Waste policies and also the Healthy Neighborhood Market Network program, funded partly by city dollars.
In addition, we will have updates on the CA4SSI campaign, the Market Match legislation (California Nutrition Incentives Act), the Right to Rest act, and overall preparations for Hunger Action Day. Please rsvp to [email protected]

Sign the CA4SSI Petition: Over 1,100 people have signed the CA4SSI (Californians for SSI) petition calling for SSI/SSP benefits for seniors and people with disabilities to be raised above the poverty line. But we need YOU to sign on to make it powerful!

Hunger Action Day: Each May hundreds of anti-hunger advocates from across the state meet in Sacramento to educate their legislators about hunger and encourage their sup-port for anti-hunger legislation. This year advocates from your community will be at the capitol on Wednesday, May 13, 2015. With more than 3.8 million California adults struggling with food insecurity it’s important we speak out

Send questions or RSVP to : [email protected]

California Must Repeal Child Exclusion Law

(From our colleagues at Western Center on Law and Poverty)

California has the highest rate of child poverty in the nation and more children in poverty than any other state. Senate Bill 23 introduced by Senator Holly J. Mitchell would end the CalWORKs child exclusion law, known as the Maximum Family Grant, and reduce child poverty. The Maximum Family Grant rule prohibits families from getting more financial assistance from the state if they have another child while they’re getting assistance.

Western Center on Law and Poverty is asking for support. Read More

Report on Senior Hunger in 2012 Shows 68% Increase in Hungry Seniors Since 2007

The National Foundation to End Senior Hunger released
The State of Senior Hunger 2012

Findings include that 15.3% of seniors face the threat of hunger around the country (9.3 million people). The fraction of seniors experiencing hunger has increased dramatically, by 68% since the recession began in 2007.

Farmers Markets In the News

The LA Times recently published an article that posed the question “has the farmers market movement peaked”. The article reports that sales are down 43% at LA County farmers markets.
LA TImes: Has Farmers Market Movement Peaked

That information comes from the USDA, which published its Trends in U.S. Local And Regional Food Systems.
The same report also documents the tremendous growth, on the other hand, in the use of SNAP at farmers markets (see page 53 and 54 of the report.) It also mentions the impact that programs like Market Match have on the decision to shop at farmers markets: ” low-income survey respondents who knew that some farmers’ markets provided incentives for those using EBT were 40 times more likely to shop at farmers’ markets”.

California Leads Nation in Number of Anti-Homeless Person Laws

Paul Boden and Jeffrey Selbin in an LA Times op ed point out that new laws targeting the homeless are the direct descendants of old anti-vagrancy laws dating back to the 19th century.

: “According to a study being released this week by the UC Berkeley School of Law Policy Advocacy Clinic, 58 California cities have enacted hundreds of new laws since 1990 that single out or disproportionately affect homeless people; if current trends continue, they will add more than 100 new anti-homeless laws this decade. The average California city studied has nine such laws, a much higher average than studies have found in other states. Los Angeles and San Francisco lead the pack, with 23 separate restrictions each.”

The Right to Rest Act would begin to turn the tide on this situation and affirm the basic human rights of all people regardless of their economic situation.

Tenants Together Empowering Renters

(From Tenants Together Action Fund)

All over the state, California rents are skyrocketing.
In 2014 Los Angeles saw rents rise at twice the national average. Sacramento tenants saw a 7.3% increase. Rents in the Bay Area increased 11.4% -- the average two bedroom apartment will set you back $2,562 a month!
Proven policies, like rent control and reigning in unfair eviction, can halt the upward climb that is making our state unaffordable for working people, but we can’t win those policies without a strong, active movement.

LIKE the Tenants Together Action Fund on Facebook right now to help build the movement for an affordable California.

Help us make 2015 a tipping point in the fight to make California affordable.
There are 16 million California tenants. Tenants are ready to fight back against astronomical rents. TTAF will unite the tenant rights movement to elect tenant friendly politicians and pass rent control ordinances and other measures that keep CA affordable.
But to make a difference this year, we need to start building momentum for tenants rights today. Social media is part of that strategy. Help us bring renters from all over the state together.
Will you like our Facebook page and invite your friends to do the same?
Thanks for all you do,

Dean Preston
Tenants Together Action Fund

Food Workers Striving for Change

In recent years it’s become apparent that many of those suffering hunger in the U.S. are people working to feed the rest of us---specifically grocery workers and restaurant workers. There is movement for change however as we bring you stories reflecting both local and national organizing around the issue of wages and fair treatment of workers in the Food Chain.

El Super Workers Call for Boycott
(From LAANE’s Shop Well project)

Last month a boycott of El Super markets had been called by workers of those stores. The boycott was called after a solid year of negotiations wherein the company refused to bargain in good faith. In addition, in December of last year, the company refused to come back to the bargaining table after workers voted overwhelmingly to recertify their affiliation with UFCW.

Click here to watch a video of Fermin talking about being fired by management and why he continues to fight for a fair contract.

LAANE and the Shop Well LA project, which focuses specifically on good standards in the grocery and retail sector, have been supporting the workers for the past year at community and media events. Is Fermin just the first to be fired? Can we make sure that this doesn't happen again? You can support all the El Super workers who want a fair contract and respect on the job by sending a message directly to Carlos Smith, CEO of Bodega Latina, El Super's parent company by clicking the link below. We are demanding that Mr. Smith to immediately take action to negotiate a fair contract that respects workers and ensures their hard work is rewarded. Please support Fermin and all the El Super workers!

Send a Letter to El Super's CEO!
By clicking here you can send a letter to the CEO of El Super.

Copyright © 2015 Shop Well LA, All rights reserved.The Shop Well LA coalition supports strengthening LA's grocery jobs. We believe good jobs create healthier grocery stores and families. Shop Well LA, 464 Lucas Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017

McDonald's Under Pressure To Make Big Changes
(From Terrance Wise, who is a Burger King employee and member of Fight for $15 National Organizing Committee)

McDonald's was buried by an avalanche of negative media coverage after a group of 10 African-American and Latino Virginians filed a federal civil rights lawsuit after McDonald's fired them because of the color of their skin.They contacted McDonald's corporate for help but the corporation did not respond.

Backed by the Fight for $15 and the NAACP, the workers have sued both the McDonald's corporation and the franchisee that operated the stores.

Amid the growing pressure on McDonald's to make major changes, including improving how the corporation pays its cooks and cashiers, the company announced that its CEO Don Thompson is stepping down March 1. He will be replaced by Steve Easterbrook whose experience working with unions in McDonald's European operations could be a hopeful sign for us here in the U.S.
The Financial Times noted that the company is now the "poster child for the fight for a $15 hourly wage."

With your help, we are building the Fight for $15 movement and changing the direction of the debate about how the economy works.. Our 4/15 mobilization is just eight weeks away. Let's keep building and keep the momentum up.

In Unity,
Terrance Wise
Burger King employee, Kansas City
Member, Fight for $15 National Organizing Committee

Peoples Guide 2015 Available Now!


The long awaited new edition of the Peoples Guide to Welfare Health and Other Services 2015 is available now in English! Spanish is anticipated to be available April 15.

Published since the late 1970s, the Peoples Guide has become the standard guidebook of public social services for people working in the field, people in need of help, and those just helping their neighbors.

This 72 page newsprint booklet gives you all you need to know about applying for :

  1. Financial assistance for individuals and families
  2. Unemployment benefits
  3. Job training
  4. Help for people in re-entry
  5. Dept. of Rehabilitation
  6. Child Care
  7. Foster Care
  8. Tax Rebates
  9. Social Security and SSI
  10. CalFresh
  11. Child Nutrition and WIC
  12. Help with Car Insurance and Smog Check Costs
  13. Low Cost Phone Service and Utility Bill Assistance
  14. Housing (including assistance for Transitional Foster Youth)
  15. Phone Numbers for Legal Assistance

The Peoples Guide 2015 electronic book is also available. Please follow the link below.

Peoples Guide English 2015 E Book

E Book features Live Links! Click directly on the links in the book to go to the live webpages.

*Flash Player is required to play properly. find it here:

Ordering Print Edition:

The basic charge Is $1.25 a copy. Individual orders of up to 2 books are free for low income people. Call (213) 388-8228 or use [email protected]

Online Orders: The Peoples Guides to Welfare Health and Other Services can be ordered online using our order form:

Peoples Guide Order Form

For Bulk Orders contact: [email protected]

Include your name, address, quantity of English and Spanish copies that you want.

We ask that agencies purchase copies so we can pay for publication, translation, and mailing costs of the guide. In addition, funds generated support the Market Match program. Discounts of various types are available for large orders. Contact [email protected]

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