News Update Mar 7th, 2018

March 7th, 2018:

  1. 1. Send Email Thurs March 8th to Support $100 for 100% to End Poverty for SSI Recipients
  2. 2. International Womens Day March 8th Rally Downtown LA:
  3. 3. Your Advocacy Is Working: More L.A. Area Congressmembers Support Closing the Meal Gap! Keep Calling!
  4. 4. Street Vendors Rally Friday March 9th at City Hall, LA 9am

1. Send Email Thurs March 8th to Support $100 for 100% to End Poverty for SSI Recipients

“100 for 100” is a new slogan reflecting the need to increase the monthly payments to California’s disabled and seniors getting SSI by $100 a month so they can be at 100% of poverty level. The coalition known as CA4SSI including Hunger Action LA , and its fast-growing group of supporters call for the 2018-19 Budget to end poverty for 1.3 million individuals on SSI/SSP. The Legislature must raise SSP grants by $100 a month & restore the Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) by supporting AB 3200 (Kalra). No one on SSI/SSP should be forced to live in poverty.

In the midst of a housing crisis, the low SSI/SSP grant forces elderly folks and people with disabilities to choose between their most basic needs: rent or food, medicine or hygiene. This is fundamentally wrong.  The status quo is shameful. Let’s find solutions steeped in dignity and stand with our state’s most vulnerable.


Send Email Today To Support AB 3200 in Senate Budget Subcommittee

2. International Womens Day March 8th Rally Downtown LA:

Hunger Action LA is proud to be part of a coalition of grassroots organizations supporting and planning the International Women's Strike tomorrow, Thursday, March 8 from 4-7pm at the Federal Building in downtown Los Angeles.

The International Women's Strike US joins women in 51 countries around the world in calling us to unite around the following common principles:

  • An end to gender violence
  • Reproductive justice for all
  • Labor rights
  • Full social provisioning
  • An anti-racist & anti-imperialist feminism
  • Environmental justice for all

Please RSVP on their Facebook event page, and share widely on social media!

#M8 #8M #M8IWS #M8LA #WeStrike #WeToo


Intl Womens Day Facebook Page

3. Your Advocacy Is Working: More L.A. Area Congressmembers Support Closing the Meal Gap! Keep Calling!

Thanks to your calls and emails, L.A. area representatives including Jimmy Gomez and Alan Lowenthal have recently signed on to co-sponsor HR 1276---Closing the Meal Gap!

Representative Alma Adams of North Carolina has introduced HR 1276 , The Closing the Meal Gap act, to strengthen the SNAP program. Her proposal would base SNAP benefits on a Low Cost Food Plan, updated over the 1950s era Thrifty Food Plan, streamline some of the costly red tape and help people with higher medical and rent costs to get sufficient benefits. It would also require states to put their money where their mouth is on providing work projects to able bodied recipients unable to find work in the regular job market.

Here’s a link to current California co-sponsors:  List of California Co-Sponsors of HR 1276

Join us in getting more California co-sponsors for this legislation. We are asking the following representatives to co sponsor this legislation: (Please note: For emails, most of the representatives will only accept from people who live in their district)

Maxine Waters Rep Waters Email                  Karen Bass Rep Bass Email

You can also phone 202 224-3121 and ask for these representatives.

Below is a sample email provided by the good folk of the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) in Washington. You can also use this email as a guide to a phone message/conversation with the representative:


I hope this message finds you well! I am reaching out to you with a request for co-sponsorship from REPRESENTATIVE on  HR 1276 (Closing the Meal Gap Act Act of 2017). The bill currently has 83 cosponsors, 20 of which are from California. H.R. 1276 is a commonsense bill that would strengthen and improve SNAP (known as CalFresh in California, formerly food stamps). 

The bill offers the following SNAP program improvements:

  • Permanently authorizes the standard medical deduction in every state for seniors and disabled individuals applying for SNAP benefits at a minimum of $140.  Individuals with high expenses could continue to apply for a higher, itemized medical deduction.

  • Incorporates the Low-Cost Food Plan into the SNAP formula to take into account how much working people, including SNAP recipients, spend on food.

  • Eliminates the cap on the Excess Shelter Deduction in the SNAP formula to take into account the cost of living for SNAP recipients in areas with high rent and utilities.

  • Raises the minimum SNAP benefit from $16 to $25 per month.

  • Allows Able-Bodied Adults to be exempt from SNAP work requirements if their state cannot provide them with a slot in a SNAP Employment and Training Program (SNAP E&T).

If you have questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact Katherine Stewart ([email protected]) who staffs this bill in Representative Alma Adams office.

4. Street Vendors Rally Friday March 9th at City Hall, LA 9am

LA City Council is contemplating including a BUSINESS VETO in the legal street vending program, giving private property owners the power to deny vending permits on public sidewalks. Many women street vendors currently experience extortion by business owners and the BUSINESS VETO will leave them vulnerable to this abusive practice. Join the women of the LA Street Vendor Movement as they demand a permit program that allows them to do their work without fear of harassment or extortion!

LA City Hall, Main Street Entrance

9 AM Press Conference
9:30 AM Rally


Facebook: /LAStreetVendorCampaign

Contact: 310 926 5018 or [email protected]

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