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Not a quick, once-and-done thing


2016 Hunger is #NotFlavorOfMonth Fundraiser


Fighting hunger and poverty is not a quick, once-and-done thing. It is not a "flavor-of-the-month". This work has to be done consistently and through many channels, including direct service to those in need, education to steer people to resources that can help them, and a steady advocacy to fight for better programs and a stronger safety net.

The Hunger Action LA family is asking for your support this month. We need your help to sustain Market Match, which makes healthy eating affordable for families, seniors, and people with disabilities. We need your help to print the People's Guide so that thousands of Angelinos struggling with stressful situations can get vital information. We need your help to design and promote 21st century linkages between those with extra food to those who need it; and, we need your help to tell our state and federal legislators that the hungry aren't nourished with nice talk —struggling Angelinos need food assistance programs so they can thrive instead of merely survive.




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