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Support Urban Ag in the City of Los Angeles

The Urban Agriculture Land Use petition is now online! Please urge the City of LA to increase land access for urban food growing. The purpose of this petition is to advance policy change to encourage equitable food growing throughout the City of LA. If you or your organization would like to sign on to this petition, please go to: Support

Student Hunger Bill

Increase SSI for Seniors and Disabled

End Lifetime Ban on Food Stamps

Market Match Nutrition Incentive Program

Support Letter: $5 Million Dollar Budget Proposal for the Nutrition Incentive Matching Grant Program


…respectfully asks for your support of the $5 million budget proposal to fund the Nutrition Incentive Matching Grant Program (Program) that is set to be heard in your Budget Subcommittee No. 3 on Resources and Transportation.

Last year, Governor Brown signed AB 1321 (Ting), which created the Program within the Office of Farm to Fork at the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), for the purpose of awarding grants to certified farmers’ markets that increase the amount of nutrition benefits available to low-income consumers when purchasing California fresh fruits, nuts, and vegetables. However, AB 1321 also contained language specifying that…


Please email a copy to so bill cosponsors can consolidate all letters and drop off to Assemblymember Bloom’s Office in one binder.


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