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    News Update Mar. 8th 2016

    To All Those Interested in Food and Justice...

    A (usually) weekly update on food issues, promoting access to sufficient, affordable, healthy food—with a focus on campaigns you can become active in!

    March 8th 2016

    March 7: Sacramento , as it is wont to do, is becoming the center of some critical decisions about food access by low income people in California in the coming year: Will our elected officials invest in helping 1.4 million people with disabilities and seniors rise above the poverty level----food being the number one item named by a significant number of them as the thing they needed most and could not afford? Will they invest in nutrition incentives programs like Market Match that make farm fresh food affordable for people getting CalFresh----and help our small farmers at the same time?

    And: Will you and/or your organization, if you’re involved in one, commit to helping make these things happen?

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    Support The Water Rate Hike Petition

    Council President Herb J. Wesson, Jr.,
    February 1, 2016
    City Hall – Room 430
    200 N. Spring Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90012

    Re: Reduce the harm of the proposed 289% rate on low-income gardeners and promote water conservation – Online Petition

    Dear City Council President Herb Wesson and Council Members,

    The LA DWP has asked the LA City Council to approve water and power rate increases that include increases to the “Schedule F” rate that applies to most community gardens.  We believe the proposed 289% increase is an unfair increase in light of the numerous community benefits community gardens offer neighborhood residents, especially in underserved communities across this City, and will threaten the very existence of many gardens.  Some of our most beloved community gardens operated and maintained by low-income individuals and families simply will not be able to pay.

    Such an increase contradicts the community garden, urban agriculture and greening efforts this City Council has lead over the past several years.  That is why we ask that you mitigate the impact of this proposed increase through the following measures:

    We ask for accountability from the LA-DWP and City Departments for accurate billing.  Gardens that should be charged the Schedule F rate are routinely re-assigned to the higher Schedule A rate for no reason, are routinely charged improperly for sewer services by the Bureau of Sanitation, and many gardens located on Rec & Park lands face repeated service outages without prior notice.

    We ask for the City Council to provide water conservation improvements to non-profit community gardens to reduce water use so that the total water bill increase to gardens using Schedule F is no greater than the rate increase applied to Schedule A (17.8% over 5 years).  With investment in water conservations improvements gardeners will conserve more but will become promoters of the best irrigation practices to their neighbors.

    We ask for the LA Department of Rec & Parks Department to repeal the unjust “Partnership Fee” charged to non-profit community gardens located on LA City park land.  These gardens already pay LA-DWP for their own water and pay for insurance to protect the City from liability.  This fee yields $3,500/year in revenue to the City of LA. (See R&P Board report 11-121 of 5/4/11.)

    We ask for business-like and just treatment of community gardens by all City of LA departments.  The City of LA today has no programmatic support for non-profit community gardens run by neighborhood clubs. Although the rhetoric in City Council on Urban Agriculture is stridently supportive, the fact is that treatment of gardens varies greatly from department to department. Gardeners know they need to pay for their fair share of water service; however, we ask the City to provide more financial, infrastructure and organizational support to community gardens to promote greater water conservation.

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    Temporarily Out of Peoples Guides

    Currently out of Peoples Guides

    Please join our mailing list by emailing with "subscribe to mailing list" in the subject line to be informed as soon as we get more Peoples Guides. We'll have them soon! Thanks for you patience!

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    News Update Oct. 13th 2015

    To All Those Interested in Food and Justice...

    A (usually) weekly update on food issues, promoting access to sufficient, affordable, healthy food—with a focus on campaigns you can become active in!

    October 13th 2015

    Congratulations to Fair Trade LA on their tenth anniversary! FTLA is working to make LA the largest Fair Trade City in the USA. Check out their website at HALA also extends its appreciation to FTLA on being honored at their 10th anniversary celebration. We look forward to extending our partnership with them as domestic and global issues of hunger and poverty converge.

    Thanks for providing some of the following news items is due to Francesca de la Rosa; Mike Herald: Joel Perez: Alma Morales: Diana Darwish: Diana Zuniga: Pamm Larry: and John Farion. Thanks everyone for your contributions!

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    Ask Governor Brown to Sign Anti-Hunger Bills

    Three important bills that will help end hunger in California have made it to Governor Brown's desk! Thanks to our friends at St. Anthony’s you can send your letters to the Gov pronto! Lickety split!

    Click Here To Go To the Form To Create and Send Your Letters Immediately!

    AB 515 (Eggman) will increase the types of healthy food that California growers and food producers can donate to food banks.  It's a win-win for helping California farmers reduce food waste while feeding hungry neighbors in need.

    AB 1321 (Ting), the California Nutrition Incentives Act, will help California leverage federal dollars to allow low-income Californians to purchase healthy foods at farmers' markets.

    SB 708 (Mendoza)  will reduce the incidence of child hunger by improving access to translated school meal applications and will add links to those applications to connect families to other support programs, such as CalFresh (food stamps).

    The deadline for the governor to sign is October 11. We don't know exactly when the Governor will take action on these bills, so the sooner you can email him to show your support, the better!

    Use the sample letter at the link below to send a message to Governor Brown, asking him to sign AB 515, AB 1321, and SB 708.  Feel free to use the language provided or customize the message to make it your own.

    Send your email today! 

    Click Here To Go To the Form To Create and Send Your Letters Immediately!

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    Petition to Support EBT Access At All LA Farmers Markets

    439 signatures

    Background: While Los Angeles is home to many farmers markets, low-income people often can’t purchase any of the healthy fruits and vegetables sold at them, because many of those markets don’t accept CalFresh benefits as payment. Many low-income people depend upon CalFresh benefits to help their family get all the food they need. And the food stamp program was, in fact, renamed “CalFresh” to emphasize the intent of the program to purchase more nutritious, fresh food, especially fruits and vegetables.

    Farmers markets can easily obtain EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) machines, and some of LA’s world-famous markets—Hollywood, Santa Monica, Studio City—accept CalFresh, as well as markets in low-income areas. The petition below was created in the belief that all the farmers markets in LA should accept CalFresh. Please sign it so we can show support for equal food access for all people in LA!

    Bring EBT to LA's Farmers Markets!

    I believe that all certified farmers’ markets in the City of Los Angeles should accept CalFresh benefits through an EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) machine. This will help increase access to healthy food, which is what the CalFresh program is intended for, and boost the economy by supporting local farmers and vendors.

    Will you sign?

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    Hunger Action Los Angeles Monthly Meeting June 26


    Friday June 26, 2015

    10:15 am to 12 Noon

    Please Note New Location:

    St. Mary’s Church, 962 S Normandie*

    Los Angeles, CA 90006

    *This is the address for the parking lot/entrance, behind the church. It is at San Marino and Normandie, one block south of Olympic Blvd.

    PARKING IS VERY SCARCE! Please try to carpool or you can take public transpo.

    Call 213 361 2075 for directions

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    Legislature Passes Boost to SSI! Call the Governor Today!

    916 445 2841

    The state legislature yesterday unanimously voted to give a $10 per month benefit increase for individuals on SSI and 4-2 to restore the COLA by the year 2020. We need to urge the Governor to accept this. He's going to respond to this budget rapidly, so please call him TODAY (Wednesday, June 10th) ask him to support SSI.

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