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    Your Tax Deductible Donation is Vital in Supporting The Fight Against Hunger!

    Your donations help fund:

    • Covid Response Food Delivery, partnering with local farmers, Community Services Unlimited, Everytable, Hollywood Food Hub, Mutual Aid Action Los Angeles, and great restaurants including KTown Pho, Hot and Cool Cafe, Mudd Duck Catering, and Simply Delicious
    • The Market Match Bonus Program, helping families, seniors and people with disabilities receive up to $50 monthly in bonus dollars to spend on local farm produce at 20+ participating farmers markets
    • Policy Trainings and advocacy where the community can engage in policy change to improve food security
    • The Peoples Guide to Welfare, Health and Other Services
    • Food Justice News Updates and Alerts
    • General Operations

    Donations by Check should made out to Hunger Action Los Angeles and mailed to:

    Hunger Action Los Angeles
    961 S. Mariposa #205
    Los Angeles, CA 90006

    Tax ID# 20-5142259




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    Join Us!

    Interested in volunteering with Hunger Action Los Angeles?

    Please fill out this form and select the Volunteer role(s) you may be interested in.

    Market Match volunteers needed!

    Currently, we are looking for people interested in volunteering at Farmers Markets with the duties of signing up customers for the Market Match program by determining their eligibility for the program.

    You will be trained on how this system works, however, learning how the program operates in advance is highly recommended. If you are planning to volunteer with Hunger Action Los Angeles, it is important to review the information provided on the Market Match page

    When you are finished signing up as a volunteer you will be redirected to our News page, which is also important to read and get an understanding of what's been going on with the issues.

    You will also be describing the Market Match program and how it works, therefore, it is important to learn as much as you can about hunger, low-income families, seniors, and farmers who rely on this program.

    If interested, find a market location that would be most convenient for you to volunteer at from our list of markets at and add that information to your submission as well as the times and days you will be available to volunteer.

    Different markets have different needs so you may want to call us at (213) 388-8228 to find out which of our locations needs volunteers.

    This type of work is ideal for college graduates that want to have something on their resume that shows a strong determination for helping many of the people facing the everyday challenges of hunger and malnutrition every day.

    We look forward to working with self-driven, passionate, and friendly people. Also, strong communication and interpersonal skills will get you a long way.

    Thank You for considering Hunger Action Los Angeles as your potential volunteer organization, we hope to hear from you soon! 

    Please follow us on twitter @hungeractionla and Facebook to keep up to date on issues and events.

    Become a volunteer

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