Exciting Announcement

The Budget Act of 2024 (AB-107) has passed through the Senate and Assembly! This is the legislature’s final version of the State budget, which will be negotiated with the Governor. We expect the final budget deal to be released next week.

$33.2 million is earmarked in the budget for CNIP to boost Market Match projects.

The Legislature has rejected the Governor's cuts to CNIP and decided to revive the program with funds from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. This means the full $35 million for CNIP is back on track!

For more information on AB-107: Bill Text - AB-107 Budget Act of 2024. (

**Actions to Take**

Sign the petition to defend CNIP: Take Action to help defend the California Nutrition Incentive Program (CNIP) - NextGen Policy

Post on social media:

  • Urge the Governor and State Leaders, Senate President Pro Tempore Mike McGuire and Assembly Speaker Robert Rivas, to protect CNIP in the final budget deal!
  • Keep low-income Californians nourished and support small farmers with #CNIP in the final #CABudget. 250+ orgs representing 500,000+ CA constituents are counting on @CAGovernor @ilike_mike @CASpeakerRivas protect #CNIP in the final state budget #CABudget. #SaveMarketMatch

Urge the Governor to approve AB107        |        (916) 445-2841

Urge the Governor to approve AB107


(916) 445-2841