Jan 2022:

Governor’s Budget Would Begin to Open Cal Fresh to the Undocumented 55+

Advocates for the Food for All campaign are praising Gov. Gavin Newsom's new budget proposal, which would begin the process of expanding the Cal Fresh program to include people 55 and older, regardless of their immigration status.

Karen Giron, a Cal Fresh specialist with Hunger Action Los Angeles, said in the past it has been heartbreaking to turn away people seeking food assistance simply because they were undocumented.


Nov 2021:

LA County Is Being Sued For Delaying Food Assistance To Low-Income Families

The lawsuit, filed Monday by the Los Angeles Community Action Network and Hunger Action Los Angeles along with an applicant who faced long delays, claims that throughout the pandemic, the county’s failure to comply with state law has put thousands of households in danger of going hungry each month.


Oct 2021:

Celebrating Progress in the Fight Against Hunger in CA

Frank Tamborello, director of Hunger Action Los Angeles, noted Los Angeles County has recently stepped up to the plate in a big way.

"We had a victory with the County Board of Supervisors, who have agreed to provide $2 million to help support the Market Match program, and other programs like it, that provide bonus dollars to people using CalFresh food assistance," Tamborello explained.


May 2017: 

'Feeding the 5000' food festival served thousands lunch at Pershing Square




January 7th, 2016

LA Times / Politics

Gov. Jerry Brown's budget helps schools and the poor -- and saves a lot for a rainy day

By John Myers, Melanie Mason, and Christine Mai-Duc

“This will be a huge help to 1.3 million people with disabilities and seniors around the state who are struggling to pay the rent and get enough food to eat,” said Frank Tamborello, executive director of Hunger Action LA, adding that the increases should be even greater to account for cost of living.

State budget Jan 2016:
Good and Bad News in Governor's Budget

November 2015

L.A. Area Food Centers Are All That Stands Between Thousands and Hunger

ASCJweb / Social Stories / Health

“When people think of hunger they think of somewhere in the developing world where maybe there’s a famine or a war going on,” said Frank Tamborello, the director of Hunger Action L.A. “We got plenty of food in the United States, but people need income.”

Rebecca Gibian, 2014 Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism



July 2015

Market Match helps get fresh produce to low-income farmers market shoppers



May 20th, 2015

LA Times / Local / Politics

Brown follows centrist course with earned income tax credit

George Skelton on SSI:

"There are extreme cases of hunger," says Frank Tamborello, director of Hunger Action L.A., an activist group. "I know of one 74-year-old woman who goes through garbage cans."


 March 2013

Food politics in L.A.: Hungry for change


The business of government often has been conducted over a meal, but these days it’s food itself that’s on the public agenda: how to get more and better food to poor people, how to improve what children eat at school, how to encourage access to farmers’ products and community gardens, how to combat obesity, and more.



September 2015

Indigiegogo / Fundraisers

HALA Market-Match fundraiser on Indiegogo


Hunger Action Los Angeles raised $3,190 to help fund the Market-Match program. Although we were not able to reach our goal, we were still able to help sustain our part of the Market-Match program throughout Los Angeles County. For more information on Market-Match and a listing of Markets offering the program, visit our Market-Match page at http://www.hungeractionla.org/marketmatch

Fundraising for Market Match Video: https://vimeo.com/136455452/


April 21st, 2015

Huffington Post

Los Angeles County Has The Largest Food Insecure Population In The U.S. Here’s Who’s Helping

By Eleanor Goldberg

“This is a four-way win,” Frank Tamborello, director of Hunger Action LA, told the news outlet. “It reduces hunger, especially among our senior population. It encourages healthy eating. It boosts the California small farm economy. And it supports environmentally sustainable agriculture.”



April 13th, 2015


Hungry for Solutions: Aging and Food Insecurity

By Matt Perry

I’m starved. Ravenous.   I’m so hungry I can’t think straight. I certainly can’t work. What I want more than anything is to eat an entire stack of beef ribs.

Kevin Kemp knows exactly how I feel. At 54 — about my age — he’s been homeless and hungry in Long Beach for nearly a decade.

“It’s like running out of fuel in your car,” says Kemp. “You’re just stuck. It’s no energy. Nothing to help you through the daily activities.”

But there’s one difference between my hunger and Kemp’s story, as recounted by Hunger Action Los Angeles. Mine is self-inflicted — it’s the day of my colonoscopy — and I’ve been fasting for 24 hours to prepare for the procedure. As soon as it’s over, I’ll be eating.



April 3rd, 2015

LA Times / Food / Dailydish

New grant adds $1 million in fresh produce to L.A. shoppers' menus

By Russ Parsons

Market Match is an innovative setup that allows shoppers to double their EBT and WIC benefits when shopping at farmers markets. 

Participating shoppers use their benefits cards to receive chits that can be spent on fresh fruits and vegetables at the market. Market Match doubles the first $10 in benefits.

“This is going to fill in a big piece of puzzle in funding,” says Frank Tamborello, director of Hunger Action LA, one of the groups that will be receiving some of the grant.



March 19th, 2015

First 5 LA

Fresh Fruit and Veggie Program Continues Growth

“There’s a lot of enthusiasm for this program. I don’t think it would have gotten where it is without the help of First 5 LA,” said Frank Tamborello, executive director of Hunger Action LA, one of the Market Match partners in the county. The program was founded by the Ecology Center.



March, 2015

VoiceWaves CA4SSI

What it's Like to be Hungry on Public Assistance

By Michael Lozano, Cindy Maldonado and Christian Muro

Here’s how to get involved with CA4SSI:
  1. First Step: Sign the petition: http://bit.ly/CA4SSIPetition (unpublished)

    If you represent an organization:
    Organizations have a separate sign-
    on letter to the campaign at http://bit.ly/ca-ssi-ssp. (unpublished)

  2. Second Step: Forward the petition link to everyone you know.

  3. Third Step: If you would like to become involved
    more deeply in the campaign, contact Frank at

Supplemental info

November 25, 2014


The Dos and Dont's of Helping the Hungry

Providing nutritious food options is not only a form of respect, it also caters to individual needs, which can include diabetic restrictions, allergies and healthy eating, says Frank Tamborello, director of Hunger Action Los Angeles. Through the organization’s Market Match program, individuals that receive CalFresh (California’s version of food stamps), Social Security or Supplementing Security Income (SSI) or other forms of government assistance receive $10 in vouchers to spend at participating farmers’ markets, promoting vegetables and fruit.



May 6, 2014

Pasadena Star News / Health

Groups look to raise accessibility of farmers markets to low-income shoppers

The Ecology Center, a Berkeley-based nonprofit that promotes healthy and sustainable living, coordinates organizations across the state to help farmers markets accept payment via CalFresh EBT and offer Market Match, an incentive program that gives government-aid recipients matching funds to shop at farmers markets. Hunger Action Los Angeles works with more than a dozen markets across the county to offer the privately funded program.



April 10th, 2014

Hunger Action LA / Media

Hunger Action LA PSA for Market Match for seniors



November 7th, 2013

KPFK / Uprising Radio

HALA’s Frank Tamborello on Uprising Radio




October 11th, 2013

Univision Channel 34 / Videos

Hunger Action LA comments on Oct 2013 SNAP cuts



La Opinion 10/31/2013 on proposed city restrictions on feeding the homeless :



LA Activist Oct. 2013: http://www.laactivist.com/2013/11/03/homeless-advocates-fear-city-hall-is-



Hunger Action LA on Qumran Report Oct. 2013:

Jerry Higgs and Frank Tamborello of HALA hold forth on Skid Row Radio’s Qumran report on a wide variety of hunger issues. With Host Melvin Johnson and Co-

host Earlene Anthony:


HALA director on KCET discussing Farm Bill, 2012: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxecEyCJiFU


Hunger Action LA Sept. 2011 rally at City Hall:



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